Your Project's New Command Center

Leverage the power of efficiency & precision with TruScope for Construction.

TruScope is the only true Augmented Reality solution designed to stop delays and deliver results. Experience an intuitive platform that will streamline your approach to complex challenges, enhance your team's communication, reduce human errors, and help you tackle important deadlines.

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The everyday realities of construction

→ Even top performers face challenges due to misalignment and dependencies on other crews, making effective communication and collaboration a daily struggle.

→ Using outdated solutions can lead to critical information being overlooked, resulting in delays in your team's informed decision-making process.

Spending money on complex hardware and software that will never fully integrate into your daily workflow is not a long-term strategy to keep your project on track.


the solution

The intersection of innovation & usability: TruScope

Stop working around disorganization in your project and begin addressing the root cause of the problem from the convenience of your iPhone and iPad. Discover the immediate value of TruScope, the only app to take you from download to visualization in 30 minutes or less.

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Instant Access To Plans

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Intuitive Design

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Built-In Chat Tool

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Efficient Issue Tracker

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Two AR Visualization Modes

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User-Centric Comprehensive Toolbox

Our Mission

To ensure you and your team are in control of your project’s momentum, meeting timelines and staying within budget through a single source of truth.

Is TruScope For You?

→ Despite taking necessary steps to meet deadlines, your project continues to experience unforeseen and unmitigated clashes and issues across the board. 

→ You miss important updates and can't 100% align with your team because of changes and information overload.

→ You are overwhelmed with tasks that depend on others' work, without a reliable way to monitor accuracy or completion.

Miscommunication within your team leads to more human errors and delays important decisions and milestones.

app Features

Power Through your Workflows

  • Visualize your models in 3D against real-world progress to spot and prevent potential clashes or issues before they occur.

  • Use the app's Tabletop View mode to visualize interactive models plans and discuss the big picture with your team.

  • Start video AR calls to compare as-built progress and the BIM model to keep onsite and remote colleagues updated.

  • Optimize resource allocation and navigate subcontractor dependencies using TruScope's Issue Tracker.

  • Minimize human errors and speed up your decision-making process.

  • Boost accuracy and cut delays by adopting a unified BIM and execution source of truth.

A Quick Guide to TruScope

  • Download the app and set up your account.
  • Go through a brief onboarding to understand all features, including the Augmented Reality functionalities.
  • Create your first project and invite your team to collaborate.
  • Compare real-time site work against plans, and start addressing the issues.